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Pop Things Done
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Fun Brings Motivation
and Motivation Boosts Productivity.
To-do tasks
Turn into water balls
Complete tasks
Pop water balls
Get rewards
Develop islands
Set Tasks with Ease and Plan Dates with Control
Quick adding tasks and dragging them to set dates in your calendar help you cultivate the habit of moving things from your mind to your to-do list.
Never Put Off What
Can Be Done Today!
Enhance the completion rate of tasks by visualizing all the water balls in design. All the tasks that need to be done are obvious at a glance when you open your to-do list. All you need to do is pop things done!
Daily Review
Sync Your Life
Make sure everything in your list is not left behind by spending merely 5 minutes on Daily Review. Take control of all your task statuses and sync your life with your to-do list!
Various Islands
Await You to Explore
The world of WaterDo is filled with fun and motivation with various special islands awaiting you to explore. Without a doubt, you will be keen to complete all your tasks every day!
Experience a To-do App
You Have Never Seen for Free
You cannot avoid the tedious chores in life,
but it's your choice to make it fun!
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